Crafting Obsession: Penpal edition

Since I hope to keep writing here for awhile, I predict multiple crafting obsession posts in the future. Currently my obsession is penpaling and swapping.

For those of you who don’t know, welcome. Penpaling doesn’t have to be just for elementary school kids learning how to properly address a letter. No, now it can be a fun way to craft, write, and learn about the world! People use it to improve language skills, cultural awareness, and to connect to other people!

Some good ways to find penpals is through the instagram hashtag #penpalswanted or through common interests for example I started off using the Amino App.

Anyways, similar to penpaling is Swapping! I personally use swapbot which I am absolutely in love with. There you can trade postcards, crafts, stickers, letters, teas, memo sheets, washi tape and tons of other stuff with people all over the world! Both penpaling and swapping make opening the mailbox an exciting part of each day!

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