Minimalism- Desire vs. Reality

Be yourself. Do what makes you happy. There is only one you. All the time people tell you that the best corse of action is the path that is true to you. Okay, great, what is that? For me, I’ve always struggled with being split down the middle with my personality.

I’m an organized mess you may say. I know exactly where my specific scrap of purple snowflake paper is but getting to it involves weaving in and out of bins scattered everywhere and avoiding stepping on the scissors I misplaced a week ago.

There are other ways in which I am conflicted personality wise, I would never wear pink but have more pink bows in my craft collection than any other color. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with applying make-up yet have a storage container filled with top of the line products. I love spending the day crafting alone but will not sleep unless I’ve spent the day hanging with people. One of my biggest conflicts is my desire for minimalism versus my need to craft.

You see, nothing brings be more joy than flipping through my huge collection of scrap book paper, or organizing my stickers. Well, except maybe the look of my bookshelf when I only have one or two things on each shelf. I absolutely love my collection of copic markers and mason jars but hate the look of them all actually there… on my desk…

I love my collections but despise the clutter. Even when everything is put away perfectly I still see it as clutter. Because the colors of the boxes don’t match or inside one box I know there is paper scraps AND stickers. Im a minimalist with OCD stuck in a crafters body. It’s a problem.

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