The Blogging Solutions

When I first discovered blogs, I thought they were the solution to all of my problems. How to get past procrastination? Check. How to clean my closet? Check. How to loose weight? Check! One thing I never really found a result for was how to be perfect.

Each individual article addressed particular aspects of life that needed assistance. But there never was an article or blog that had a guideline on how to go through everyday perfectly. What to eat and wear, when to study versus when to be around friends, how to choose friends, when to leave them behind, how to avoid difficult situations, and what to do when you were already stuck in the middle of them.

I have always looked on in envy at my younger sisters ability to grasp and master some aspects of perfection. Her room for example is the opposite of mine. Her white and gray color scheme is reflected in every aspect of the room. Her bed is always made and her organized make-up the only splash of color present. She was the aesthetic I craved. She seemed to know when to study and when to go to bed early.

I remember a time when I was similar. Never in my room organization, but in my anxiety driven time schedule. I couldn’t allow myself to relax ever. I had to always be working for a better self. Now I find myself feeling a similar motivation but in a more inspired way. No longer driven by anxiety but by passion I strive to make my life more aesthetic and productive. This is what I hope to make my blog about. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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