Ten Years from now

So I’m flipping through Pinterest posts inbetween getting ready for my normal Sunday morning when I happen across a quote

“Ten years from now, make sure you can say you chose your life. You didn’t settle for it. “

At first I flipped right past this quote; thinking nothing of it. But then I began to think- Where would I be today if I had set my mind to achieving something big 10 years ago?

10 years ago my biggest dream was probably being a fashion designer. Between then and now I’ve visited my dream design school, worked with top of the line fashion designers, and even designed my own line. But that was without effort. What if I had woken up each morning determined to be great. Determined to make my dream not fizzle out or change completely.

So, no I don’t still dream of designing dresses and outfits. But I dream of writing. What can I do each and everyday to make my future self not only proud but propelled into that dream?

I can write and I can wake up with the future on my mind each day. Live for my dream. Imagine how far I can go. Picture where I could be in 10 years, then start the race.

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