Christmas *aesthetic* Spirit

Merry Christmas. For weeks now I’ve been crafting with Christmas paper, attending Christmas parties, on the look out for Christmas, and over all joining the Christmas spirit of the holidays.

I’ve also been looking on in envy at Christmas posts with aesthetic Christmas trees with matching ornaments and perfectly wrapped gifts. In contrast, our evergreen tree adorned with ornaments from my parents child hood and handmade felt pieces my siblings and I have made growing up- although filled with memories and love- sorely lacks in the aesthetic inspiration I was envying.

So in the spirit of something different- the spirit of starting from the bottom and working my way up- I decided to decorate my gift wrapping in the aesthetic coloring I wanted everywhere.

This Christmas may not be decorated in blue and silver tinsel and shining circular ornaments but the gifts I put below shall be. I shall take control of what is in my power.

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