Christmas Eve

So it’s Christmas Eve and I’m currently sitting in bed staring at my screen wondering what the hell I should be doing. To my right are piles of clutter that I most likely should go through to prepare for the clutter than shall come my way tomorrow. In front of me are blogging videos that I hope will inspire me to instantly know exactly how to blog perfectly.

It’s a reach, I know.

I also know that later tonight will bring self pity as I stand in a crowd of people yet feel completely alone. I’ll have a drink in one hand and a bag of gifts in the other. I’ll be waiting un-patiently to hand out the gifts and complete my favorite part of Christmas- giving.

But you see the actual action of handing over the gifts then watching my aunts and cousins unwrap them and thank me will be done in a split second. I’ll be left with just the drink. Maybe I’ll get another or maybe I’ll go outside and see if anyone notices. I’m thankful for this part of my Christmas eve where I can reflect and prepare for the coming festivities.

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