Forcing Christmas Spirit

In the world we live in there are some days we are expected to love. We are expected to be happy or at least act that way for the sake of others.

The problem I’ve found with this is 1. what if, despite recieving gifts, despite being surrounded by family and friends, despite good food and no work- you still arn’t filled with endless joy?

The next problem with this expected overwhelming joy is they seem to always be about receiving presents. As if receiving gifts ends all suffering and brings happiness no matter what. “Look, heres the scarf you wanted, you’re happy now right? ” It doesn’t work that way. Sure gifts CAN bring a smile to your face if its something you really wanted or it shows how much someone has been thinking about you but the cheer it brings doesn’t end suffering.

So now that we’ve established that Christmas is not, in fact, able to force cheer, the question remains- what the hell do we do? We don’t want to bring down the people around us and it’s not as if we want to be feeling down.

In the past I’ve struggled to find solutions to this issue for I often fear being happy on the holidays as there is the distinct possibility that they fall short of expectations. This year I’ve decided to tell myself its okay to not be okay on this cheerful of days. It’s ok to not smile at every gift or not know what to do with yourself between festivities. It’s ok for Christmas to be a normal day. Its the spirit all around it that we should appreciate. Outings before and the celebrations to come. The festive feeling in the air is what I love about Christmas. This year I’ve decided Christmas isn’t one day. It’s the season itself.

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