Reach for the New Year


Make this an event in of itself. Clear off your desk or a place you like to plan and set down with your last years planner, or notebook, or even diary. Anything you can use to look back on 2018. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, your computer and maybe a new planner and set to work.


In the past year, what worked what didn’t work? Why have you not stuck with past resolutions? What are things you can change that will help you be a happier and healthier version of yourself? This is the time to reassess your life and maybe do the things you’ve always put off. Put it all down on a list

Be Realistic

Look at your list. Try to justify the resolutions you want to apply to 2019. Write as many motivational reasons to keep working on that resolution as you can. If you can’t think of reasons to be doing it maybe it’s not the most important thing this year. Make your motivations list as it is something you will look back at as you work to make these goals into reality.


How many times do you tell yourself you will do something then it never gets done? Thats because you can always rationalize doing or not doing something to yourself, however when held accountable by other people or by words on a page, this isn’t so easy. Tell your friends your goals. Tell your family. Write it in your planner or diary. I even write it on my window in glass markers so I see it when I wake up and go to sleep.

Set a timeline

Decide when you want to reach certain aspects of your goal. This will create a sense of achievement every-time you reach a new level. Being able to look back and see where you came from will provide motivation to keep moving forward. New Years resolutions are more likely to be completed or accomplished if approached with a positive outlook. Make this all an adventure and each goal you reach is a new beautiful view.


This is your goal for a year not a day or a week. It’s a marathon not a sprint. So remind yourself daily what you are fighting for and why you are fighting.

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