Fighting the Night

In this modern age of bloggers and productivity posts it is a unpopular opinion to favor the night hours for productivity over the morning. Most blogs will tell you to rise and shine and get a jump on the day. To start off the new year I am going to try living this way. However, no matter how it feels and how productive Im able to be I am by nature a night owl.

Night time is for sleeping. For dreaming away into new worlds. For flipping through a couple pages of a book before gently closing your eyes. Or, for me, its when motivation strikes and I’m finally filled with the energy to do my homework, fill out forms, complete my todo list, put away laundry, and finally organize my life.

The funny thing I’ve found is even if I complete my todo list early in the day, I still can manage to find many things to do in the night hours. For it is when the moon is out and my family is asleep and my mind will not. Filled with inspiration and motivation, even if I want to sleep I can’t as my head is spinning with possibilities.

So with the new year I will not only be fighting the urge to sleep in the early mornings when I wake, but also be fighting the urge to stay awake and create at night. I do not want to diminish or god forbid extinguish the passion that is in my nightly hours, but perhaps I can trick the passion to arrive earlier and thus during my waking hours.

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