With being productive comes the changes no one really wants to make. The most classic and most dreaded, the morning. But once you get passed the drooping eyes and yawns, waking up early adds productive hours to the day. Here are some tips one can apply in order to make the most out of your mornings.

Early Risers

Start off by waking 30 minutes earlier than normal. Add 30 minutes to your day. If you don’t already have a set waking time, set an alarm immediately. This extra time in the mornings can set the mood for your entire day to come. Rather than facing the day with a negative tone you have time in the morning to set your mind in the right direction and face the day with a motivated attitude that you may find to be much more enjoyable than dreading each moment.

Make Your Bed

I could say get out of bed. Or don’t lie there on your phone. Or wake up and do jumping jacks. Instead I say make your bed. This, in a way effectively gets you up and moving, prepared to face the day, discouraged from getting back in bed, and gets you moving.


Get your coffee or your tea and sit at the table with a note book and pen. Write. It can be your todo list for the day, a diary entry, a dream interpretation, or a letter. Just put pen to paper and release some of your thoughts.

Fuel the day

Okay, I’m not gonna tell you to quit coffee. Mainly because I practice what I preach and could never quite coffee. So instead, add a glass of water into your routine every morning before the coffee. Not only does water help wake you up but it can counter act the dehydration from the coffee. Adding in this extra little step can do wonders for your health.

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