Last New Years…

Last new years I couldn’t have been more thankful for what I had. I loved endlessly my friends who, at the time, were living at my house for the holidays.

Last year I had all I wanted so I didn’t bother with something as silly as a new years resolution. This year I have much but I also have lost much. I hope for a better future. I do more than hope, however, I reach for a better future by establishing new years resolutions I have already began to implicate into my life.

Unfortunately there is no formula for making friend or for keeping them around. If there were I would have mastered it long ago. Instead I aim to change what I can which right now is my life style.

For me nights are endless. Most of my writing takes place at night. Most of my thinking. If there were something I could change at night I’ve probably already tried it. So instead, in order to change my life for the better I’ll focus on an untapped area of my life- the morning. By establishing a routine and multiple alarms, I can perhaps increase my productivity levels by using a time period previously occupied by extra sleep. In addition, by waking up earlier, I can go to bed earlier and therefore change my life completely

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