First Day of Success-

In order for me to not only be productive but feel productive, I need to establish before hand what goals I wish to reach as well as what I need to get accomplished.

In addition to setting goals and meeting them, the goals must be things that I may not normally do. I judge the productivity and success of a day based on how I felt through out it as a whole. In this new year I plan to try to find my perfect routine to lead me into a successful day.

A successful day will include:

  • Room ends cleaner than when woke up
  • Limiting screen use with the exception of work related activity.
  • Feeling tired at the end of the day
  • 10,000 steps
  • Limited to no time spent in bedroom
  • At least 8 cups of water
  • High protein in take

Tomorrow shall be my first attempt to find a routine that works. Tomorrows routine shall be:

  1. Wake up at 9am
  2. Make coffee and breakfast
  3. Sit down, eat, drink, and journal
  4. Get dressed to work out
  5. Bring letters and packages that need to be mailed to car
  6. Go work out!
  7. Pick up coffee on way back.
  8. Drop off packages at post office.
  9. Take vitamins
  10. Shower
  11. Get dressed (Jeans and Boots – No getting into bed!)
  12. Clear off desk
  13. Work at desk to check emails
  14. Organize calendar for the month
  15. Blog which parts of the morning routine were successful which were not.
  16. Design new routine~

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