Dealing with Depression

First of all there is no dealing with it. Depression over comes you and there is no way to manage it. I just thought dealing with depression sounded better then dying with depression or descending into depression- Trust me I could keep going.

Depression itself is like the night before Christmas when you really can’t sleep because you know theres something right around the corner that you are gonna get to. Except the excitement of Christmas morning never comes. So your stuck just waiting for something that is meant to be great and exciting. Everyone else is moving forward to Christmas morning but your stuck just waiting, confused to why you aren’t getting to the happy part.

Can you imagine that? Eventually you stop believing that you really will or even can reach that happy place that everyone else seems to occupy. When your stuck waiting for that hypothetical happiness long enough you stop wanting it. You stop looking around every corner or wondering when it will come.

Then, let’s add addiction into the mix. People get depressed when trying to give up substances or lean on substances when depressed either way addiction and depression have a pretty close relationship. It’s not hard to see why. If everything in your life felt pointless but there was something that could make you feel- even if only for a moment- that moment could easily become the one you live for. Depression is hell and any escape from the constant torture or, sometimes worse, the constant nothingness is craved for.

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