Organizing VS Cleaning

When looking at a messy or cluttered room it is important to know wether you want to organize or clean.

Signs that you need to CLEAN:

  • Your goal is to move from one end of your room to the other without tripping on baskets or trash
  • You have things that don’t belong in your room in your room. (ie food, bowls, jackets, towels)
  • Dirt… Anywhere…

Signs you need to ORGANIZE:

  • Baskets or piles around room
  • goal is to be able to find what you are looking for
  • Full Laundry Basket
  • Cluttered desk
  • Cluttered dresser
  • Anything besides pillows and blankets on bed

To begin with, cleaning always comes first. If your organizing you still should start by doing a sweep of your room with a trash bag. As a crafter, I always can find bits and pieces too small for future use around my room that belong in the trash.

Knowing if you are organizing or cleaning is the first step to being able not only create a healthy living space but also to maintaining order for longer periods of times.


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