Productivity: How to keep your work space organized and motivating

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a desk at an office or in someones house and been like – damn that makes me want to do work. I’m not kidding. I get motivated to be productive by big, clean, organized desks. Then in juxtaposition I look at my desk. Even at its best its still crowded. At its worse…. it’s covered in crap. When I see my desk I dread having to clean it and worse- fear the fact that I don’t actually have a place for it all to go.

So here are some tips to increase productivity at your desk/workspace:

Step 1: Surface Matters

Only the tools you know you’ll need should be on your table top. If your desk has drawers- use them. When working you need to have your essentials nearby, however, anything else just takes up space on your desk and will become a hinderance in the future. So avoid wasting time searching for the essentials by keeping them close and put away anything you wont be using. Surface space is for work not storage.

Step 2: Day in and Day out

Every time you finish a project or task and feel exhausted, when you feel that urge to lie down, leave the room, change things up- STOP. All that is great but start by first simply- putting away what was take out for the project or task. Any papers should be put away or any tools you don’t normally use. Your desk should be spotless at the end of the day. Each day is started fresh.


Throw what away? Anything you can! Old sticky notes, used papers, print outs, instructions, tiny scraps, anything. If you can get the info online- toss it. If you already used it for its purpose – toss it. If it doesn’t serve a purpose and or you dont use it- toss it or donate it! This declutters everything so fast. You never notice how much junk you have until you trash it the second its trash. I keep an extra trash bag in my room and it fills up every other day with trash! Anything I don’t need and won’t miss goes in the garbage.

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