Habit Tracking

I have recommended this before, but one tip I recommend when establishing your schedule and trying to better yourself or your lifestyle is tracking habits you already have and trying to add healthy goals into each day.

One way you can do this is with Planners. I’ve seen some planners with habit trackers and if all else fails, there are print outs and you can always draw one in, if you bullet journal!

If you can remember to record everyday what you did and didn’t do then great! Personally this didn’t work for me. What I currently use and find to be amazing is the Everyday App. When I first started using Everyday, It was a free online program that I could use to keep track of both positive and negative things I did. Somewhere along the way the owner of the site made the financial decision to have a small fee. I don’t recall the price but it was so small in comparison to how helpful this app had been that it was no question. I payed it immediately. This was years ago and I still use this app almost daily. If I don’t use it daily, Everyday is good at reminding me via email that I missed out. I highly recommend this for anyone who uses their computers often and may benefit more from a digital habit tracker.

Habits or tasks that you may want to aim for could be:

  • Work out
  • Took vitamins
  • Slept 9 hours
  • Drank 8 cups of water
  • Stretched
  • Get 10,000 steps
  • Spent money
  • Made dinner
  • Blogged
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Check Mail
  • Check Email
  • Shampoo and Condition Hair

The options are limitless! Good Luck!

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