Magic in the Morning

In my 19 years of life I have always been a night person. It started when I learned how to read and would stay up until 11 flipping through pages. Thats crazy late for a 7 year old. Eventually the night became a time for all sorts of things including crafting, homework, writing, TV, drawing, and so much more. Either way my inspiration and ability ton think erupted at night.

On the few occasions I attempted the whole morning person thing, it was difficult and only lasted a few days. Despite being awake earlier the passion that was fueled by the moon and by everyone else being asleep just wasn’t there.

So, Imagine my surprise when as a result of depression and changing up medications, I’ve suddenly become someone who favors the morning. While I’m still filled with passion at night, I’m also filled with anxiety about where to direct that ambition when depression is sucking the energy from me. So mornings nows are somehow filled with immediate alertness. Once I pry my eyes open and drag my ass downstairs for something similar to breakfast and coffee, I find I’m wide awake.

Recently I’ve been using this time to work on cleaning, reading, organizing, crafting, trying new teas, and writing. All of which are things I don’t usually feel a pull towards doing at night- ergo making this morning ambition different than that in which I usually feel at night!

Then, once awake, in front of me is a whole day of opportunity. Perhaps this sudden new look at the world is due to my growing fear of sleep being a waste of time. Or perhaps this love for the morning sprung from the love of mail which arrives at 10am where I live. Either way the morning has somehow become my friend and I’m not going to let this opportunity slide.

One thought on “Magic in the Morning

  1. Antavia says:

    I’ve learned that mornings can be great and productive for me. I used to be a,night owl too. Also, trying new teas are on of my favorite things! I really enjoyed this post. 😄

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