Plan for Success

Plan. If for you that means the calendar app on your phone, a planner, or a note pad where you jot down all the things you want to get done in the day so be it. The key to success and happiness is to plan. Fill your calendar with everything you want to do that day- not just the things that involve leaving the house.

When you are depressed, anxious, or just feel like you can’t quite reach the level of productivity you crave, planning can help jumpstart your actions. By having an idea of what you want to accomplish you can create a sense of succeeding. In addition, even if you don’t accomplish everything on your list, you probably spent the time doing something that made you happy.

For instance, If I ever need to run an errand but am finally having fun writing letters or blogging, if I choose to keep blogging instead, I call that an even trade. For, the over all goal here isn’t just to organize yourself, but to feel productive and successful. If you are happy that qualifies as successful, at least to me.

So make your list or map out your day in advance so that you have goals to reach for and actions to take.

In addition to planning you day, plan or track possible habits. Think of things you want to do to make your self happier and healthier. Then try to complete those tasks or reach those goals each day as well! These are helpful when filling the gaps between appointments or errands.

Make the most of each day and increase the level of productivity you can reach all through the simple action of planning your desired tasks for the day. The sky is the limit to how detailed or simple you want your planner to be.

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