The Hype about Swell

Legend has it that you could leave a swell water bottle filled with ice and cold water in the car on a hot summer day at the beach for six hours and return to the ice will not have even melted.

Okay, so admittedly it’s not so much a legend as it is a recollection of my camp counselor days when I did indeed leave my new swell water bottle in the car for six hours and come back to the car itself melting but the water perfectly intact. So besides the obvious visual effectiveness that has lead to the water bottle appearing in many stores and homes, the claim that it stays cold (no matter the heat) for 24 hours and hot for 12 is completely true as far as my experience.

I cannot tell you exactly why the swell bottle always stood out to me, but I can tell you that I remember, in detail, my first experience with the bottle and how it lead to my house containing about eleven of these bottles for the four members of my family living here. Excessive, I know, I blame my younger sister and her ability to lose and find things as soon as she replaces them.

I saw swell for the first time when going through one of my health kicks before I realized health shouldn’t be a kick but a lifestyle. I was obsessively watching the youtube-er named Cambria Joy. In her morning routine videos (which I watched multiple times each) her first step of the day was to drink water. She then would grab her swell water bottle. Just like that I knew I needed one of those water bottles. It wasn’t until I saw one in a local juice and healthy food shop called Green and Tonic that I began my pursuit to actually buy one and incorporate its usage into my daily life.

For me, there are very few things that become daily things or used daily. Most of the things that are regularly used- it took me years to grow the habit. So, for me the swell water bottle wasn’t just a water bottle, but a tool I hoped to use in order to turn drinking more water and carrying a water bottle with me into a habit.

So, I guess, for me, the value and significance of the swell water bottle reaches past its ability to keep liquids at their perfect temperature and its sleek design. For me, the swell water bottle represents and inspires healthy living and productive daily routines.

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