Day One in Paradise

While this trip may be one I have taken every year since before I was born, that does nothing to decrease the awe that I feel when I return to the same beauty year after year.

Our flight didn’t land until midnight after a 4 hour delay. Given that unpredictable beginning to the trip as well as not actually arrive to the resort until 2am, waking up early was kind of out of the question. Having sacrificed the first morning for sleep, I tried to salvage the rest of the morning in terms of my goals while on vacation which you can read about in How to Make the Most of Traveling. Anyways I tried to remember to snap a few nice pictures during a short walk I took this morning.

During the walk I even saw a manatee which, unfortunately, disappeared by the time I got my camera ready to shoot.

As the hours ticked by I tried to spend some time in the sun after unpacking. I ended up spending about 30 minutes listening to a audible recording of my most recent read #GirlBoss by Sophie Amoruso the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. This is the first Non-fiction biography like book I’ve ever read. The reason being my short attention span as well as my restlessness. So, 30 minutes into todays chapter, I got up, removed my headphones, and jumped in the water. I swam 30 laps then returned to see my phone had over heated in the sun. Definitely one way for the sun and the weather to keep me away from technology on such a beautiful day.

I decided that without music, audio books, or a phone to scroll through I would go check out the island store. My goal verbally was to pick up a deck of cards for which to play President or Egyptian rat race with the family later in the week, however, we all knew I would get side tracked. Of course I did, the moment I saw postcards and greeting cards. So in addition to the deck of plain playing cards I bought, I also found myself walking out of the island store with a handful of postcards.

Exhausted from the sun I retreated to the condo where I worked a bit on my blog and instagram as well as took pictures of my most recent haul.

The night was filled with a trolley ride down to the other end of the resort where we grabbed dinner at a place called RC Otters, and slice of the best orange cake in the world (feel free to fight me on this but I’ve yet to be proven wrong) at our favorite place, The Bubble Room.

Who wouldn’t want to get cake here lets be honest

After walking back to the trolley, I enjoyed the warm night hair as we headed back to the condo. For the trip that I predicted to be one of traditional obligation, this wasn’t the worst first day.

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