101 Affirmations to Improve your Life

First off in order for this list to be at all useful for you, you need to first understand what affirmations are. The actual action to affirm something is to state something as fact; assert strongly. Through out the day we make many affirmations whether you realize it or not. If you tell you self you will pass that test you are more likely too. Just as if you repeat to yourself that you will mess up during a meeting or presentation, well, odds are more likely against you. By increasing and directing affirmations towards the areas you wish to improve, you can have the power to manifest and achieve positive life changes.


  1. Today is going to be incredible
  2. I am one giant step closer to my goals
  3. I’m worthy of my dreams
  4. I can conquer anything
  5. Today I choose greatness
  6. I am beautifully and wonderfully made
  7. I enrich the lives of my family and friends
  8. I have an abundance of energy
  9. I am free of pain
  10. I find joy in every-day
  11. I am in charge of my mind
  12. I choose to surround myself with people who feel like sunlight


  1. Tomorrow is a new day
  2. I’ve survived this before
  3. I have the ability to cope
  4. I’m stronger than I think
  5. This feeling will pass
  6. This is only temporary
  7. Take things one step at a time
  8. I am not alone
  9. I am in control
  10. Feelings are just visitors, accept them then let them go
  11. I am blessed and watched over


  1. I have a strong and healthy body
  2. My mind is clear and focused
  3. I have an abundance of energy
  4. I am Healthy and Happy
  5. I am stronger than any excuse
  6. I work to make me proud
  7. I love being physically fit
  8. I am grateful to have a body capable of exercising
  9. I deserve to look and feel healthy
  10. I can and I will
  11. I was not made to give up
  12. Exercising refreshes my mind
  13. My body is peaceful
  14. All my cells know what to do
  15. I love to drink water
  16. I’m worth the time, pain, and exertion it takes to have a fit body
  17. I always take care of my body
  18. I am strong in mind and body
  19. I love and approve of myself
  20. I am happy and healthy


  1. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways
  2. I spend money with gratitude and love
  3. My actions create constant prosperity
  4. I am successful
  5. I feel good about money
  6. I am abundant
  7. I recognize opportunities when they knock and seize the oppertunity
  8. Everyday I discover interesting and new paths to pursue
  9. I recognize every new challenge as an opportunity
  10. I’m committed to achieving success in every area of my life
  11. My strength is greater than any struggle
  12. I have the courage I need to succeed
  13. I use my failures as stepping stones
  14. I choose what I become
  15. I’m ready to accept my dreams as reality
  16. I have the courage to say “no”

Self – Love

  1. All that I need is drawn to me
  2. I can achieve greatness
  3. My potential is limitless
  4. My success is certain
  5. I am always improving, but for today, I am all that I need to be
  6. I am calm and mindful
  7. There are no obstacles I cannot overcome
  8. Life is beautiful
  9. I am my best source of motivation
  10. I am unique and that is my gift to the world
  11. My actions are intentional and bring me closer to my goals
  12. I am capable of accomplishing my goals
  13. Im creative and open to new solutions
  14. I believe in me
  15. Everything I need is within me
  16. I love who I am no matter what others think
  17. I release myself of negative thoughts
  18. Making Mistakes is apart of Life
  19. Saying ‘No’ Is okay
  20. Im not broken, Gods making stained glass
  21. My past has shaped me into something wonderful
  22. I accept and approve of myself
  23. I am surrounded by love and prosperity
  24. I am worthy of receiving love
  25. I love myself and the circumstances life gives me
  26. I love myself more everyday


  1. Im grateful for this wonderful new day
  2. Im grateful for all that I have
  3. Im grateful for all that is coming my way
  4. Im grateful for all my interests and talents that serve me so well
  5. Im grateful I get to live another day
  6. I take the time to show my friends I care about them
  7. I see the world with beauty and color
  8. Im grateful for my creative abilities
  9. Im grateful for my life even on the hard days
  10. What I have now is enough
  11. I’m grateful for the people who have helped mold me
  12. I am grateful for all the blessings yet to come
  13. I am grateful for all that I receive
  14. I am grateful to have a loving family
  15. I am grateful for today
  16. Im grateful to have the chance to improve

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