7 Ways to Stay Productive While Stuck at the Airport

If you fly- almost at all- you with eventually experience the inevitable plane delay, arriving to early, or missing your flight and having to wait the six hour difference. So rather than sitting on your phone for the seemingly endless wait, here are some productive things you can do.


Especially when traveling internationally, catching up on your Z’s is a smart idea. Help combat jet lag and zoom through those hours you are waiting. Even if you aren’t traveling out of time zone, odds are if you are a working man or woman, you probably already struggle to get enough hours of sleep. This on top of the stress and exhausting aspects of travel is enough to leave you needing to close your eyes, so take this chance to grab some well deserved beauty sleep.


Not only do you need to recharge, but your electronics do too. Plug in your laptop, computer, and tablet and give them a chance to charge before jumping on your flight. Odds are you used up a bit of the battery while getting through the security check in line.


I don’t know about you but I often am in so much of a rush or am traveling with perfectionists that don’t understand the concept of relaxing or taking their time, that I never get the chance to stop and take in the shops and restaurants we are passing. So if your stuck at the airport, you may as well stretch your legs and check out the stores and possible eateries. Especially if you are going to be there during meal times.


When your stuck somewhere or waiting on something not within your control, this is the time to catch up on the things you usually struggle to make time for. In addition to sleep, another good example of something you may not always have time for is working out. What?! Okay okay, in my research for this post I was also shocked to see that many large airports nowadays actually have gyms in them!

If you didn’t happen to have the right clothes in your travel bag (shocker) or the airport doesn’t have a gym (again I’m not too surprised) there are still plenty of ways you can raise your heart rate during your layover. An easy way to just get moving is to walk. Explore the airport and shops or just walk up and down the long hallways to add to your daily steps. Whether in the plane or in a seat waiting for your plane, there are a few yoga techniques you can try with out drawing too much attention to yourself. Some of these techniques include

  • Yogic Breathing- deep breathes in and out through your nose. This can decrease anxiety and create a very calming effect.
  • Foot across knee- sit upright with good posture with both feet pressed into the floor. Cross your right leg over your left leg, slightly above your left knee cap. If you’d like to go deeper, try slowly lean toward your knee. Stay for a few breaths and then unwind. Switch sides and repeat.
  • Neck side to side- slowly tilt your head to the left side of your body. you should feel the stretch along the right side of your neck. After a few breathes, slowly roll your neck to the other side and repeat.


Whether it is a new hardcover, paperback, audio book, or magazine, reading can help you pass the time. Make this even more productive by working your way through a self help book, bestseller, or educational literature you’ve been meaning to read.


Update your playlists on spotify, amazon music, or itunes. Odd are you haven’t been consistently adding your new favorites or removing the songs that don’t speak to you like they used to. Take this chance to also flip through other playlists or recommendations to add to your playlists and be more prepared for your next workout or nap. Another possibility if you have your phone and headphones is to listen to a podcast!


I will almost always recommend journaling as a way to pass time, relieve stress, or organize your thoughts. Sit down with your laptop or a paper and pen and set to work. Whether it be a to do list for when you finally arrive at your destination, a journal entry about just how upset you are that you have to find ways to waste your time in the airport, or that english paper you were meant to have already written!

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