About Me

Born and raised in the same town in Connecticut that my parents were born and raised in. Growing up along side my older brother and younger sister, I developed many of the typical middle child cliches.

Since before I could read I was creating worlds. Whether it be stories told with my barbies or crafting igloos out of snow with my brother. My favorite pass time, however, was choosing to believe whatever I wanted. Running around with friends chasing after fairies neither of us could truly see but also neither of us wanted to admit.

It was easy to decide something was true and live as if it were. I guess that is also what lead me into acting. Believing a story so much or believing in a story so completely you can become one with it. The tears of the character you are ‘acting’ as easily became my own.

One inspiration leads to another and another but I’ve found that stories are the underlying theme. Whether you create them, become them, or study them.

So, who I am? That’s another story, and I’ve found that this story is still changing.