Removing Stamps From Paper

Their multiple tried and true methods of removing a stamp from paper. The Three I will discuss I've either done or found online and am going to do in order to test their effectiveness/ Water: Cut stamp out of letterPlace stamp face up in cool water for about 10 minutes or as long as it … Continue reading Removing Stamps From Paper

Kpop Journal Spreads

Among the many little crafts and hobbies I dabble in is Kpop journal spreads. For those who don't know these usually entail a journal layout that is focused on a news worthy event or anniversary in the Korean Music world. While I was hesitant to post an article regarding Kpop as I know people tend … Continue reading Kpop Journal Spreads


To be brutally honest, while I love writing and ergo blogging, I'm too depressed and have too few followers to continuously post articles or posts that I believe will draw an audience. That being said, I do still want to write and want to *someday* have a successful blog. This means posts such as this … Continue reading Mail!