Good Morning Paradise

The second day on Captiva Island got off to a perfect start. Much to my sisters dismay as she is sharing a room with me, my alarm went off at 6:30am. Without using snooze or the other alarms I had set preemptively - (Its miraculous, I know). It's much different, waking up early when away … Continue reading Good Morning Paradise

Magic in the Morning

In my 19 years of life I have always been a night person. It started when I learned how to read and would stay up until 11 flipping through pages. Thats crazy late for a 7 year old. Eventually the night became a time for all sorts of things including crafting, homework, writing, TV, drawing, … Continue reading Magic in the Morning


With being productive comes the changes no one really wants to make. The most classic and most dreaded, the morning. But once you get passed the drooping eyes and yawns, waking up early adds productive hours to the day. Here are some tips one can apply in order to make the most out of your … Continue reading Mornings.