Blogging- By someone who knows nothing about blogging

Well. Here I am, attempting to do something I know nothing about. I often enter new fields of art with a mindset I find amazing which is- I know nothing now, but one day I will know this field like the back of my hand. I will know the terms, the prices, the associated topics, and everything else. But right now I know nothing.

So, this is me knowing nothing. Well, nothing except what I’ve read in articles trying to teach us newbies how to start off. Unfortunately, according to many articles, I’ve already made a few mistakes. Yikes.

The good thing about just starting off and knowing nothing is that I have very little to lose. I have already changed web themes, names, and color schemes multiple times and still have yet to settle on just one.

I may not know what my blog will look like or feel like or even be. But I do know I aspire to create writing that inspires. I desire an aesthetic blog where I can post about lessons I learn as well as advice I feel can help. I guess I truly want a place I can share with the world and have the world teach me. That is why, despite knowing nothing, I aim to know it all.

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