Realizations from day one of ‘success’

Things never happen when you want them too. This was clearly seen this morning when I woke up on my own at 8:30 and looked at my watch. 30 minutes until my alarm was meant to go off. I asked myself- should I get up now OR enjoy 30 more minutes of sleep. Sleep won. The problem with this decision was that 30 minutes later when my 9am alarm went off- I was filled to the brim with drowsiness and lets be honest, laziness. Had I gotten up earlier maybe my day would have stuck to the path I had designed. Unfortunately Day one of figuring out my routine was unsuccessful and overall unable to be analyzed for statistics.

When I did wake up- an hour later- I failed to force myself to go to the gym. Who would have thought I wouldn’t want to climb out of the comfort of my blankets and run on the treadmill? Probably should have seen that one coming. Instead I started the day as I have started every other day of break. Getting the mail. Once I had opened my 7+ packages, I tried to see where in my schedule I could pick up.

I went out and got coffee and dropped off my mail at the post office. I also did a bit of research as to classes I may wanna take this semester. All of these being successful and considerably productive actions (I also made my bed which is one of my new years resolutions).

But do I feel productive? Hahaha no. Why would I? I did the bare minimum. It occurs to me now that no matter who jam packed my schedule is or how organized my routine, Im still missing action. I don’t have enough going on in my day to call myself productive. So rather than planning my day second by second perhaps I should work towards figuring out what it is I can be doing to 1. Educate myself 2. Make money or 3. Help others

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