Junk Journal: Aka New Obsession

When I first heard of junk journalling to be honest I thought it was silly. I questioned where you write, what you write about, and if your using junk do you even write in it or just let the things you kept speak for themselves. Now, I still don’t really know where you write. But, I do know how to make them and how much fun it can be to fill up the pages with things you do in the day. Unexpectantly, it has even increased my desire to get things done in order to have words to write or junk to add!

First Attempt

When I made my first one It was mainly because I loved what I saw and guess what- I had junk. I looked at a ton of pictures of how to actually make one then I went to work. Considering a lack of any former experience in book binding things didn’t go perfectly. The final project consists of ribbon, string, staples, and glue holding it together. Even with all that this its not too well bound. Despite this I loved this new book I had created and began to research how to actually make one without all the guess work.

Today I finished my second version which lacks the strings and staples. Instead for this one I sewed the signatures and glued them into the spine. Although it isn’t completely dried, Im Loving the results so far!

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