A to Z About Me!

  1. A is for Age: 19. I can act younger or older largely dependent on who I’m around.
  2. B is for Beauty routine: what beauty routine? While my younger sister is into make up and masks I’ve always been more of a tomboy. The only things I do cosmetic wise is mascara 2x a year and cream when my skin is dry. I suppose I’m lucky I don’t have oily skin or anything that requires more upkeep.
  3. C is for Cake or Cookies? Cake!
  4. D is for Dream Job? Writer! My dream job would be a writer popular enough to travel and experience unique things and write about it. I would love for what I write to be read by many as well as the chance experience new things!
  5. E is for Education: Im currently undecided on even where to go to school much less what to study. In the past 2 years Ive studied at 4 different schools and studied 8 different subjects including Theatre, Writing, English, Spanish, and Typography.
  6. F is for Food: My favorite food is Chinese food and my favorite drink is coffee!
  7. G is for Giggles: The people who never fail to make me laugh are my best friends as well as my father.
  8. H is for Height: 5’ 9”!
  9. I is for Instruments: While currently I play Ukulele, I’ve also played Guitar, Drums, Violin, Flute, and Piano.
  10. J is for Job: Current jobs I’ve worked are fashion designer, Website writer/ Designer, Dog sitter, dog walker, Secretary, and selling crafts I’ve made!
  11. K is for Kids: Im 19 and never had a boyfriend so kids are far off. However, I LOVE taking care of kids and playing with them. I often babysit or help out with kids at my church!
  12. L is for Life Lesson: Amazing things are always going to come and go from your life. Learn to love the happiness they gave you and let go of the sadness. Forgive the things people did that hurt you. Don’t carry that burden, but don’t forget the lesson either.
  13. M is for Music: My favorite music is alternative and classic rock. My dad loves to sing so I grew up listening to him sing obscure and popular classic rock all the time and I guess it stuck.  
  14. N is for New Year Resolutions: Make my bed every day and work out 3x a week
  15. O is for Oranges or Apples?: Apples!
  16. P is for Pets: I have two dogs named Nacho and Ruby. Nacho is a Boston terrier mix and Ruby is a golden retriever. Before them I grew up with German Shepherds my Grandfather used to breed. The two I grew up with were named Zac and Alec.
  17.  Q is for Quotes:
    1. “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Albert Einstein
    1. “If there ever comes a day when we cant be together, keep me in your heart, Ill stay there forever.” – Winnie the Pooh
    1. “Imagination is the only weapon against reality” – Alice in Wonderland
  18. R is for Righty or Lefty? Ambidextrous. I play sports lefty but write mainly righty.
  19. S is for Sports: I’ve always been a big fan of sports. I’ve played Soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming.   
  20. T is for TV Shows: I have a short attention span so I tend to favor tv over movies. I watch tv shows while multitasking so I end up watching a ton. Some of my favorites are: The 100, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Fairy Tail, and Supernatural.
  21. U is for University: I’ve attended, Fordham, Muhlenberg, Norwalk Community College, and University of Connecticut.
  22. V is for Vacation: My favorite place to go on vacation is Captiva island Florida and Key West Florida.
  23. W is for Weather: Where I live I get all of the seasons which I love. However, I tend to like the cold better when around here. That being said, I also go to Captiva island in Florida often which is very hot and I love. The difference may be that there are pools every 5 feet.
  24. X is for Xmas– I love Christmas spirit and the whole time of year!
  25. Y is for Yummy things I make- UMMMM I can bake when I try and haven’t tried all that much cooking. My favorite meal to make, however, Is chicken pot pie. Super easy and yummy!
  26. Z is for Zodiac Sign: Gemini! While I don’t believe in horoscopes that much, I do think it’s ironic that I’m always struggling with wanting to be perfectly clean almost minimalist and wanting to craft and make a mess- just like Gemini is supposedly two people.

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