Good Morning Paradise

The second day on Captiva Island got off to a perfect start. Much to my sisters dismay as she is sharing a room with me, my alarm went off at 6:30am. Without using snooze or the other alarms I had set preemptively – (Its miraculous, I know).

It’s much different, waking up early when away from home. In some ways its better for instance, in new places, without a preexisting routine waking up early isn’t going against anything you have already drilled into your head. However, it can also be a set back as a morning routine can be hard to mimic in different surroundings especially if travel isn’t something regular for you.

I got up and out of bed and half walked and half crawled to a glass of water. Drinking water first thing in the morning is a habit I’m trying to add to incorporate into my life. So after chugging my morning glass of water I began the task of locating anything I could make into caffeine.

After satisfying my need for caffeine I threw on a black bathing suit I purchased in Poland as well as some lulu lemon leggings and a hoodie. I headed out on the short walk that lead me to the beach. The beach faces west so while it wasn’t as nice as watching the sunset, seeing the sky lighten slowly while listening to the waves lapping against the shore was still something worth getting up so early.

I wasn’t expecting anything special in the way of shells as I have been coming down here long enough to know when the weather and wind will drag the best shells to the dry sand. I scavenge for a bit anyways with no luck.

On my walk back to the condo, I walked along the marina searching for the tell tale air bubbles and ripples that tell me a manatee may be close to the surface. This time there was no such luck.

After returning to the condo I changed quickly as to not wake anyone and sat down to journal. After writing a few pages I decided to also send out a few of my new postcards and locate the post office I had heard wasn’t too far. I filled out two postcards and headed out again.

This time I jumped on a bike we rented and headed down the two mile road that leads off the resort. Having forgotten it was Sunday and this was an island that most definitely follows island hours, I stopped by the post office only to see that it was closed. In addition to being closed the hours they were open were very minor.

I decided to take advantage of already having come so far to check out a few shops. I biked around the corner to a small touristy shop where I purchased some more postcards, new sunglasses, playing cards, and stickers!

On my bike ride back to the condo I passed an aloe vera plant which I yanked a leaf off of as a surprise treatment plan for my sisters burns.

By the time I returned to the condo it wasn’t even 12am yet. As far as productive mornings go, this surpasses expectations. I believe it’s safe to say, island life agrees with me.

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