To be brutally honest, while I love writing and ergo blogging, I’m too depressed and have too few followers to continuously post articles or posts that I believe will draw an audience. That being said, I do still want to write and want to *someday* have a successful blog. This means posts such as this one will be deleted and that content will have to fit a certain criteria. Until then I can write about what makes me happy when all else feels dull.


Where I live my mail arrives at about 10:30am. This means, I wake up at 10:25. No joke. I wake up solely for the mailman. When I do get the mail, I separate it into mine versus anyone else’s. Then of my mail, depending on how much I get that day, will divide my mail by penpal or swap. Then the fun part- Opening

As penpals are what need immediate responses and are my favorite, I save those for last. I open my swaps and categorize what I receive based on how I will store them after. For example often categories are: Postcards, Memo sheets, letters, stickers, tea, scrap paper, stickys, etc.

This essentially has become my morning routine, Make bed, mail, preferably with coffee, then put away what I received which turns into a bit of cleaning, then start replying!

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